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A Virtual Journey through Space

Students of the Realgymnasium and TFO enjoy a virtual tour in the Russian Cosmonautics Museum.

The English speaking tour guide welcomed the students in a videoconference and took the visitors on a journey from the beginnings of Russian space exploration to present endeavors. The guide told mesmerizing stories about Laika, the first dog in space and Juri Gagarin, of course, the first person to orbit planet Earth.
Towards the end of the online meeting, students were given time to ask questions and discuss curiosities and peculiarities. Here are some comments from students:

It was fantastic. I learned lots of new things about the history of Russian space travels and how they solved some problems. I also liked the online tour because we could ask the man interesting questions and he answered them all. He even showed us the original objects, among them rockets, space capsules and others, so I could envision them. – Felix Marmsoler, 1B TFO

It was very interesting to see the differences between the cosmonauts now and the cosmonauts back then. In my opinion the job is a lot safer now and even a bit easier. I liked the guide through the museum because spaceflight is a very interesting subject. It was organized very well and you could understand everything because the level of language was appropriate. -Thomas Bernabè, 1C TFO

The tour in the museum was pretty interesting, we got to see pretty much all of the Soviet and Russian history of spaceflight. They even showed us some real hardware although most of them were models. I think most people don’t understand how much work and effort went into these incredible achievements and it gets way less attention than for example the American spaceflight, so I think it was a great idea to do this tour. I could understand the tour guide alright, but some other people had a bit of a harder time. All in all it was pretty cool, even though I already knew lots of things about the topic. I’d like to visit the museum myself one day, or at least a similar museum!  – David Hertscheg, 1C TFO