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Multi-language Project at Museion Bozen

Museion_AldoTaraboi (2)On Thursday, the 12thof November, the 5ABW and 5BBW went to Bolzano to take part in a multi-language project at Museion.

We set off at 11:30AM with our English teacher and our language assistant from the UK. The project started at 13:30PM and consisted of two parts. The first part, held in Italian, was a guided tour of the building, which was very interesting for us. The guide told us about the history, architecture and construction of the Museion building. In addition, he led us through the different floors of the building explaining some of the artwork currently on display at Museion.

The second part of the project was a workshop about the topical exhibition of the Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans, which is devoted to the universe, the light, the sound and inspired by the research carried out at CERN. Our working language for this part of the project was English. We formed two groups and did some activities around the different works, which was engaging and helped us to understand better the exhibition.

I would recommend such experiences to other schoolmates because they can be emotionally and cognitively stimulating.

Text: David Pöll – Photos: Aldo Taraboi

Multi-language project at Museion

MuseionIMG_2794_WebOn Friday 5th December, the students of both final classes of construction engineering (5ABW, 5BBW) headed to Bolzano to visit “Museion”, a museum of modern art, and participate in a “multi-language project”.

After our arrival at the train station, we went to the museum, located next to the Free University of Bolzano. Our visit included a guided tour of the museum, which was held in Italian, and an English workshop related to the exhibition “Soleil Politique”.

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